Links to other Jennifer Lien fansites This section contains links to other sites about Jennifer Lien, in such a way that it can be the basis for your Jennifer Lien surfing sessions. I've taken Sai's link list as basis for my own websurfing and I have put my remarks in. Reformatting will happen later... You also can travel the Jennifer Lien webring.

The Jennifer Lien Guide. By Páll Jónbjarnarson.
  • Biography upto "Men in Black" cartoon
  • Chronological filmography up to date, and including stagework
  • Filmography organised by type of work, including links to descriptions
  • Descriptions, including cast lists, episode list, etc.
  • Interview list
  • Transcripts of one interview (Femme Fatale) and three online chats
  • Photos: quite a few of Jennifer herself, many of Kes (both promos and screengrabs), but only one of Jennifer in other shows (plus four of cartoons).
  • Sounds: two excerpts of the comedy album and many files of Voyager episodes.
  • Postal address for writing to Jennifer.
  • Links to other sites.
Updated: regularly. (7 December 1998)
At the last check date, the site was not operational.

Style Ocampa. By Steven McKinnon aka Steven of Nine.
  • Outfits of Kes, with full discussion, description and pictures. Very complete.
Remark: My favourite is the Jadzia.
Remark: Site contains more Voyager stuff and fanfiction.
Updated: not necessary; occasional redesign.

Kes Internet Support Society. By Sai Wong.
  • News
  • Biography
  • Fanmail address
  • Filmography with episode lists, descriptions and photos
  • Discussion board
  • Links
Updated: rework in progress (21 February 2000)

Startrek Voyager Kes Site. By Erik van Vliet.
  • Photos: 120 images of Kes. Promos for Voyager and individual episodes, grabs by Sai and Kent (among others?)
  • Info on Kes and the Kes FAQ
  • Links
  • Many webrings
Updated: probably regularly (9 April 1999)

The Jennifer Lien Zone. By James Kristian Johansen.
  • Biography upto "Lion King 2", but missing much, like her films
  • Photos, of all types, total: 13.
  • Links, two Kes sites (both links incorrect) and a few related sites.
  • Transcript of Prodigy online chat (i.e. Jennifer was on the phone).
Updated: not. (28 April 1997)

Jennifer Lien 4 Ever. By Raymond aka Yam.
  • Personal data, plus interesting facts, like what her name means
  • Filmography, very complete
  • Addresses to write to Jennifer
  • Photos: many photos of all types.
  • Sounds: her lines from Startrek: Voyager
  • Videos: trailers and clips from Startrek: Voyager
Updated: probably regularly (21 December 1998)

Kes campaign page. By Christoph Reuter.
Part of: Startrek Voyager Starfleet Database
Remark: See also other Kes related parts of the database!
  • Details of the letter writing campaign including address
  • The story behind Jennifer leaving Voyager
  • Profile of Kes, study of the Ocampa and an essay "A farewell to Kes"
Updated: not necessary, except that the link to KISS doesn't work anymore. (19 July 1998)
Quote: A bad Kes story is still better than Threshold

By Scott Asbury.
There are three addresses:
  1. ANM Computers main page
    • Webring home: fully functional, though the featured site is out of date.
    • The Jennifer Lien Voyager Zone: three photos of Kes and one of Jennifer, most with incorrect aspect ratio.
    • Paramount Assimilation Club: is actually only a link to
    • Voyager Zone Links page: two links to other sites, one expired, the other broken.
    • ANM Computer Solutions Home Page: description of the company, plus broken links to other sites by Scott.
    • Voyager Zone Ready Room: a link to Scott's second address.
    • The Kes Image Zone: at Scott's second address.
    • Link to main page: broken link.
    • The Voyager webring screen: broken link.
    • Kes episode brief: fully functional, contains an episode guide with the focus on what Kes gets up to. Up-to-date upto Future's end II.
  2. Australian Jennifer Lien Voyager Zone
    • The Kes Image Zone: 11 photos of Jennifer and 11 photos of Kes, probably resized.
    • Paramount Assimilation Club: is actually only a link to
    • Link to main page: one photo of the bridge.
    • Voyager Zone Links page, ANM Computer Solutions Home Page, Webring, Kes episode brief: links to those pages on Scott's first address.
  3. Australian Jennifer Lien Voyager Zone
    • Main computer: contains 33 photos of Jennifer (warning: they immediately load at full size)
    • Engineering, Multimedia, Lifeforms, Startrek Series, Startrek Reviews, Transporter, Voy Pics, Voy Wavs, site news: broken links.
    • Episode Guide: fictional personal logs of Voyager crew for episodes of seasons 4&5.
    • Webring transporter: that page on Scott's first address.
    • Transporter Room 1: The links page on Scott's first address.
    When last checked this link doesn't work anymore.

Remark: The word 'Club' in his e-mail address and other occurances doesn't refer to an official Jennifer Lien fanclub. I happen to know there are none. Scott informs me however that the Australian Jennifer Lien Fan Club has merged with the Australian Star Trek Enterprise Fan Club and apparently has become official; I take it he means an official Startrek fanclub, not an official Jennifer Lien fanclub.

Remark: The first two addresses are so full of special applications served from slow servers that it's virtually impossible to read.

Updated: The first address doesn't get updated any more (10 October 1997). The second address probably doesn't get updated any more (25 July 1998). The third address is the current one (24 October 1998).

XPhoria - Jennifer Lien. By Euphoria/Xphoria.
Part of: site for celebrity photos
  • 16 photos of Jennifer and Kes, but none of them new.
Updated: unknown, probably nothing added

My Jennifer Lien Page. By Mark Vickers.
Remark: indeed one page, part of bigger site
  • Biography. Short, one paragraph
  • Postal address c/o Voyager (i.e. outdated)
  • Photos: a few of Jennifer and promo shots of Kes. No thumbnails but descriptions.
  • Links to other Jennifer sites, almost all incorrect.
Updated: not. (3 June 1997)

Last checkdate: 24 February 2000 Anybody know where Kent's site has gone off to?

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