A mailing list about Jennifer Lien I've started a mailing list (called jennifer-lien-news) to fill the void left by the closing of the KISS message board. Not the kind of list where rumours can flourish freely again; we've been trying to stop that... The list I made is a 'news' list. It's a bit like an announcement list, but an announcement list would be one-way and would mean that I have anything to announce. This 'news' list is bidirectional but moderated. If you hear news about Jennifer (or upcoming films) on tv, or read about it in magazines, you send it to the list, I'll approve it, and all subscribers will know about it. Also, you'll receive the things others write. If a message just says "I think she's great" then I'll fully agree, but won't approve the message. If the information sounds too rumour-like, I may also reject it; largely depending on how it's written, whether the source can be traced and the nature of the rumour. There's no real need to introduce yourself to the list after subscribing, the list is not going to be a community of Jennifer Lien fans.

This is the information bit as I have entered it on the list server:

You can read the welcome message sent to new members here, which includes a further explanation of the list.

All mails from the list have a disclaimer attached to it ("This list has no contacts with Jennifer Lien or her management. All information should be treated as unverified.") and an advertisement for which the money goes to OneList, the list provider, not to me.

To subscribe, either use the OneList website, or this link:

Click to subscribe to jennifer-lien-news

Archives of this list are publicly available via the OneList website or via this link:

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Other mailing lists

I've chosen the name jennifer-lien-news for the above list, so a real discussion list with the name jennifer-lien can be created at OneList as well. I've not done so yet, nor have I plans to do so in the near future. It depends on a lot of factors. I'm not convinced a discussion list about Jennifer would be a good idea at this time, following the request by Jennifer's manager to Sai.

Discussion Board

The old address of the discussion board is here. There are no plans at this moment to open up a new board. If someone does that, he/she will have to think very hard about the form in which to implement that.

Chat room

The old address of the chatroom was here. It is now closed for discussions about Jennifer Lien. The reason the room itself is still open is because Sai may use it for another site. There will be no more chatsessions between Jennifer Lien fans. It's unlikely, and rather unwanted, that someone will start a new chatroom.


The mailing list has changed to unmoderated status. I will update the info above... The purpose of the list (for news instead of chat) remains the same.

Complaints? Updates necessary? Whatever? E-mail me: Gidi Kroon.