List of recent changes to this Jennifer Lien fanpage 24 February 2000: Updated the news page. Added link to KISS and updated links page. Made mailing list unmoderated.

30 May 1999: A quick update on the news page about the conventions. Also deleted some old release dates.

10 March 1999: Manual page and button added (the question mark to the right). Updated release information for SLC, AHX and LK2:SP in the news section.

26 February 1999: Photos added to the photo album. Photo album added. Release dates updates.

3 February 1999: Repaired some omissions and spelling errors on the news page, and added a few projects there which I had forgotten to mention.

1 February 1999: The news section has been straightened out and contains some info on the upcoming films. And there are new release dates that I found.

28 January 1999: Buttons to go out have been added.

22 January 1999: Major parts of Kes que c'est have been written. What do you think about it? Please have a look at it and tell me your judgement and other thoughts. I especially want lawyer types to tell me whether the rumours section needs even more disclaimers. Also, there's a bit of news added and also the Bomis webring on Jennifer Lien.

20 January 1999: The page now has a title: Beyond the subatomic. A rather ambitious title for this page, but it also describes Jennifer's subtle and perfectionist way of acting. And no, it has nothing to do with her physical appearance. Other titles I considered: The human alien, Humanity in space, Thanks for all the tricorders...

The webring code is now on a separate page. The links on the link page itself are re-checked and the info updated.

The images in the menu now have a transparent background colour. Originally they had a solid background of the same colour as the page background, but for some weird reason both Netscape and IE mapped these two occurances of the same colour to two different palette colours on paletted displays. And both of these looked horrible, while the correct colour is quite nice I think. Now paletted displays have only one horrible colour...

IE's fontsize is adapted (not fixed, IE doesn't support the right codes for that) to look more like I wanted it to. I've also fixed an error I made which made the frame borders visible in IE. The frameborders now also remain invisible after resizing.

18 January 1999: I've decided on a design for this page. It's simple, but I think it looks sort of ok. I'm halfway through checking all the other Jennifer Lien sites again, expect an update soon.

Complaints? Updates necessary? Whatever? E-mail me: Gidi Kroon.